Garage Door Openers

Mechanism and types of the garage door opener

As you know that the mechanism of the garage door is different from all other doors whether they are in your home or office, you need some extra equipment to operate these doors. Garage door opener is a part of this equipment. The function of this part can be easily guessed from its name i.e. it opens and closes the garage door.

The garage door openers are controlled mainly in two ways- through electric switches and through remote control. It depends on the choice and needs of garage owner that which one he chooses. However, whichever control system you choose for your garage door, the mechanism for opening and closing the door is same. There is an electric motor in the opener which is energised through contactors. When we put the opener switch “on”, these contactors rotate in the clockwise direction on the motor and help to raise the garage door. And while closing the door, these contactors turn in the anticlockwise direction on the motor and the door is lowered down.

Further, there is no doubt that both the electric switch and remote control are equally preferred and installed by the homeowners but you can enhance the security of your garage with the help of latter ones. Another benefit of the remote control is the ease of access. You can open your garage door without any need of getting out of the car.

However, the garage door openers are mainly of three types. Depending on their features and the type of door, you can choose the best opener for your garage door. Here, we are going to list the types of garage door openers and their features.

  • Chain drive opener

The chain type garage door opener operates through a bi-cycle like chain.  Being the oldest type, chain drive openers have become the common choice of greater percentage of people. These openers are least expensive among the three types of garage door openers but they lack in the point that they produce too much noise.

  • Belt drive opener

The mechanism of the belt drive opener is same as that of the chain drive opener but in the place of chain, a belt is used in this type of opener. Due to this belt, the noise which is the main issue in the chain openers is reduced to greater extent. This feature makes the belt drive openers the most expensive and the luxurious openers.

  • Screw drive opener

The mechanism of screw drive opener is totally different from the above described opener types. Instead of using a belt or chain, a trolley is used in this type of opener which rides on the steel rod to rotate the motor.

The noise produced by screw drive opener is less than that of the chain drive openers but more than the belt drive openers. Also, they are more expensive than the chain drive but less expensive than the belt drive openers.

Moreover, garage door opener replacement is one of the most difficult tasks in the garage door repair. In the case you encounter any problem with your garage door opener, hire the professional services rather than fixing it on your own.